About Us

Accordias Healthcare Services provides a full range of Business Office and Revenue Cycle Management services to critical access, rural community, and independent hospitals nationwide. We are headquartered in Nashville and committed to the idea of being a financial health partner to our client hospitals and work diligently to improve cash flow. Community hospitals are a vital civic resource and every engagement is approached with a sense of responsibility, accountability, and respect.

Why Choose Accordias

Getting cash in the door is the name of the game. Our primary focus is your bottom line; we understand that every aspect of the revenue cycle directly impacts cash flow.

Where is the revenue? What should be coming in? How can we help? The revenue cycle is complicated and even minor inconsistencies can be compounded by management changes, system changes, and other issues that develop over time. Our goal is to get you back on an even keel by first looking at the whole picture and then addressing the components that are critical to financial health.