Implementation Recovery

Did your computer conversion go as planned?  Accounts Receivable a mess?  Let Accordias and our team of experienced professionals lend a hand.  We can clean up your implementation and get your operations back where they're supposed to be.  Because we work directly on your systems, we can be up and running within days, positively impacting your cash and bottom line!  We have years of experience working on most A/R systems and can easily supplement your current staff or help take over billing and collecting on your new or old accounts receivable, allowing you and your team to concentrate on a single system. 

Better yet, as you are preparing to go live on your new platform, we will supplement your current operation so you can concentrate on training and setting up your new processes.  Underestimating a facility's cash needs when changing systems catches many organizations by surprise.  Don't let that happen to you!  Accordias not only takes the pressure off your internal resources who are trying to build and learn a new system and we work to accelerate your collections and build your cash reserves, allowing you a little more breathing room should all not go quite as smoothly as planned.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you with our Implementation Recovery services!