Business Office Services

We can provide support to you and your staff in various areas of operations; or let us do it all with a Total Business Office package that is designed according to your specific needs.  Do you need billing and reimbursement needs around your governmental payers?  Perhaps it's follow-up for accounts over a certain aging category?  We can provide you with analysis and feedback to help you improve your processes and increase your efficiency and cash flow.

When it comes to your Self Pay receivables, let us help you with the challenging task of following up on accounts.  Our trained and experienced representatives collect self pay accounts efficiently and in a timely manner while understanding the unique dynamic your facility has in your community and providing services to your friends and neighbors.  We treat your patients with the same respect and concern as you would.  We can be up and running, impacting your bottom line in a matter of days with minimal assistance from your IT team.


Where we can help:

  • System Conversion Clean-Up
  • Total Business Office Outsourcing
  • Billing
  • Cash Posting
  • Account Follow-Up
  • Medicare